Bully & Doty

owner pic - billy

When Corgi Connection of Kansas first heard about Bully and Doty another rescue was going to take them but wasn't necessarily going to try and keep them together. Bully and Doty are 4-year old siblings. They've never been apart from each other and Doty isn't about to let Bully get too far from her.

CCK was fortunate enough to have a foster home that was willing to take in both and work with it and see to it this adorable pair would remain together. Bully and Doty were given up by their previous family for very unselfish reasons. They simply had too many dogs and felt it was the kindest thing to do by letting the 2 siblings go together. They have been cared for and were loved members of a family.

owner picture - dotyBully is of course the more outgoing of the 2 and the larger while Doty is pretty shy. Both are on a diet to shed a few pounds to help ensure their long-term health.

A letter from the previous owner states:

Bully is an attention hog. He loves to lay next to my chiri and I rub him with my feet. He hasn't gone out on a lead much becasue we have let them out in our backyard to have potty btreaks. Doty was the runt of the litter and the only female. She was shy and my husband had to help her to get her fair share of milk each time she ate because her brothers would root her out of the way. She is still somewhat shy today. She can hold her own shen she wants to, but she will only let you pet her if she wants you to and when she does she loves to her her ears scratched." 

Doty's foster mom reports she is getting more comfortable and has even layed next to her.

Both have been "fixed" and are current on vaccinations.

We still have lots to learn about this duo but one thing is for sure; we want them adopted together! The adoption fee for the pair is $400.