Maxi came to Corgi Connection of Kansas from a family whose schedule didn't allow time for her and it appears she was spending most of her outdoor time on a deck rather than in a yard. She has had to be house-trained again because of this.

MaxiUnbeknownst to her family and us Maxi has some special considerations. She has incongruity in both elbows with subsequent arthritis as diagnosed through radiographs and confirmed by Kansas State University. In laymen's terms it can be referred to as elbow dysplasia. It's typically due to a growth difference between the radius and the ulna in the front legs. In Maxi's case it has caused both of her front legs to be bowed. Surgery is not recommended due to the potential for complications which could result in amputation of the leg(s). Instead, Maxi has been put on a diet to get her weight down which has already made a big difference in her stamina. She is being given a joint supplement and may need some pain medication in the future. She has been battling a urinary tract infection and that is being treated.

 Maxi also has some vision issues due to "irregular disc shape." This is likely a genetic issue but it does give her some challenges as she occasionally runs in to things. At this time it does not seem treatable.

Maxi is a sweet girl who was obviously purchased by an inexperienced family who did not even realize her difficulties after having her for nearly 3 years and was the product of some less than ideal breeding. She needs an experienced owner as she does try to be the boss and she would probably do best as an only pet. While her previous family did have children, we do not recommend her next family have any children under age 15. She needs moderate daily walks, her weight kept in check and a home with no stairs inside and only a few to go outside. Maxi5

CCK has had other dogs in its rescue with elbow dysplasia and they have done wonderful with proper management. Maxi is spayed, current on vaccinations, heart-worm, flea/tick prevent and is micro-chipped. She just turned 3 in October and even with these issues she has a lot of life left with a little extra care. Her adoption fee is $200. If you can give this special girl a special home, please submit an application for consideration.