This is Mya. She may or may not be part corgi but Corgi Connection of Kansas has her and we intend to find her the best home possible just like we do for every dog we take in to rescue. At best, Mya might be a Fox Terrier-Corgi but we do not know for sure. 

According to the information we received Mya was born Feb. 14, 2014. That's right she's just a year old. However, she gave birth to puppies on Dec. 21, 2014. That means this poor girl was bred when she was about only EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!!!! The owner gave all puppies away for free at 6 weeks of age before a fellow rescuer could get to them but she did get Mya. 

Mya is tiny; right at 20 pounds, but could stand to gain a few pounds as she is a bit thin from having pups. She is a very sweet young girl that deserves to have a chance at being a young dog and not mothering pups.

Mya is being spayed and will be in foster care by Feb. 20. Because she is so young, we don't anticipate keeping her very long. Her adoption fee will be $275. She is current on vaccinations; has been heart-worm tested and will be micro-chipped.