We are off and running in 2019. While we don't have a lot of dogs listed for adoption we do have several we are providing long term and/or hospice care for. Because of that we have very limited foster space.

More recently we have been asked to take in corgis with behavorial issues. Those are difficult situations as we are a rescue but we are not behaviorists. Dogs with behavior issues oftentimes take longer in rescue therefore tying up valuable foster homes. So please try to exhaust all avenues if you have a corgi with some "issues" before asking a rescue to take them. There are dogs in shelters and worse Cedar2situations that need our immediate attention.

We are hoping 2019 finds "business slowing down" for us with less rescues but we are here to fill the need as best we can. If you are interested in fostering feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or through the link on this website.

To all those who supported us in many different ways over the past year, we are grateful. Without you we couldn't do what we do!     


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Corgi Connection of Kansas is an ALL volunteer rescue that helps homeless or abandoned Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgis. We take in Corgis that need us and adopt them out to wonderful new homes. Though our focus is centered in the state of Kansas we will assist in Corgi rescue throughout the Midwest.

We do not have a shelter facility. All dogs are housed and cared for in our network of foster homes. This allows us to get to know the dogs personality and provides insight into the proper placement for the dog in its new forever home. We carefully review applications and place the dogs in approved, responsible, permanent homes.

Each dog receives the best medical care. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, brought current on all vaccinations, heart-worm tested, groomed, and started on flea and heart-worm prevention.                    

2018 has brought numerous senior corgis to the rescue. Most need some special attention but all are adoptable. 

We want to make sure the corgis are healthy as can be so adoption for some of the dogs has been delayed. Currently we have many good applications and not enough dogs! It's a good situation for the rescue but can be frustrating for those wishing to add a furry friend to their home. If you have submitted an application, please be patient with us as the process can seem slow at times. We take the placement of our rescues very seriously and want to make the best decision possible for them.

Adoptions have continued to be steady and so do requests to take corgis in to rescue. We try to help as many as possible but without quality foster homes, we are strictly limited in the number of corgis we can take in to rescue.

Many of the requests are coming from individuals who are having trouble with their personal Corgi. While we work with dogs that have "issues," our volunteers are not animal behaviorist so serious issues such as aggression are not something we deal with. We try to give preference to dogs in shelters and puppy mills.

If you are looking to adopt a Corgi or if you have a Corgi that needs to get into our program please contact: Jeanette DeMars through the "Contact Us" page.